Mivo True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Neck-band

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Have you ever waited anxiously for hours for your earphones to recharge when you need them urgently? Meet MIVO, the world’s first earbuds that always have power when you need them, providing you with literally unlimited playtime with its groundbreaking design.

MIVO can be worn as true wireless earbuds for different activities, and converted instantly and effortlessly via magnetism to neck buds with built-in extra battery on the cord for readily nonstop music. The cord can be removed for a quick recharge while you keep wearing the earbuds for nonstop music. Its companion app allows you to receive, listen to and respond back to live audio messages hands-free via MIVO under the walkie talkie mode without touching your phone. You can freely switch between earbuds while listening to music or on a call.

Enjoy Music While Charging

The built-in battery on the sportband adds an extra 19 hours of playtime when magnetically attached to the MIVO earbuds. You can remove the sportband for a quick power refill in about half an hour while wearing the earbuds for non-stop music. 

Magnetic Design

Two ways of wearing

Inimitable MIVO PinPoint Magnetic Technology enables a quick and easy hook between the earbuds and the sportband in just seconds.